Thursday, 4 January 2018


In this experimental travelogue, efforts to sound human and look natural become artificial. The scenery is provided through photochrome vintage postcards, displaying not only scenic North American landscapes but also the rise of infrastructure and industry. Aspiring to look more realistic by adding colour to a black and white image, the postcards instead become documents of the fantastic.

MIRAGE  Atoosa Pour Hosseini  
Mirage evokes a desert landscape but it is the cinematic image itself that is the mirage. Working with the material textures of Super-8 film, Mirage presents two visual planes: the captured image and the surface of the film strip itself.

NORMAL EVENTS Vadim Gershmen & Frank Heatley 
This project began as a collection of everyday beauty, documenting and collecting clusters of hazard lights around Minneapolis. The resulting video took the form of an absurd orchestra resulting in something we hope is at once familiar and very unfamiliar.

Marc Augé's essay (Non-Places: Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity) meets with Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey in some Hungarian highway rest areas.

UTOPIA   Kent Tate 
The purpose of this or that, or its role in enabling a sense of security or status
is ephemeral, depending on factors that may or may not be readily apparent. As systems shift from one emphasis to another, or as one system supplants another, the meaning of something can be altered to such a degree that a new description may be required to understand its context.

EXILE EXOTIC Sasha Litvintseva  
Steeped in elliptical history and historical simulacra, Exile Exotic is set at a hotel that is a replica of the Kremlin. Narrating the exotic beginnings of my mother's and my exile from Russia, the film serves as a platform for us to visit the Kremlin again, albeit by the side of a pool. Soundtracked by an operatic score reminiscent of the song of the sirens making Odysseus stray on his long journey home, our story reverberates throughout the scope of Russian history's limiting of free movement of individuals. This film is a pilgrimage. This film comes in waves.

KELLY SEARS   Once It Started It Could Not End Otherwise 
Candid photos from 1970s high school yearbooks resurface in an eerie minimalist horror story.

CONFIDENTE   Karen Akerman & Miguel Seabra Lopes  
If I didn’t blossom, if I remained ‘unbloomed’, it’s because my roots were poisoned. I know it's false, an induced error, but... this is me. From the editing of archive footage, “Confidente” traces its narrative using methods of deconstruction from experimental cinema and associations of ideas close to surrealism. An obsessive repetition of sounds and images is used to sketch out a psychological portrait of a man, in brief notes uncannily associated with past events.

An image of the young Ezio Pinza and an old vinyl recording of this great Italian singer are brought together in an uncanny portrait.

THE DOUBLE   Roy Villevoye & Jan Dietvorst 
A painstakingly realistic sculpture of a middle-aged man is made in a workshop. While his exterior is fabricated, a voice-over spoken by people who knew him breathes life into him.

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Programmed by Jayne Wilson
Special thanks to Daniela Norton for Short Circuit, Grand Central, & Argos distribution for The Double.   

Friday, 24 November 2017



Call out for films and videos submissions for UNCANNY the psychological experience of something as ‘strangely familiar yet simultaneously foreign.’

Short Circuit is looking for an eclectic mix of experimental documentary shorts for their next screening that consider the uncanny whether an ability, a likeness, a knack  or beyond-if you have work that you think fits broadly into this theme send it to us for consideration at with a link to your film online (and password if required) Include a short description of where it fits with the theme and jpeg still.

Deadline 2nd January We will contact you if your film is selected.
Short Circuit shows short experimental films that are distinctly artist film, but have their roots in documentary. For more details about venues and previous screenings go to

Twitter @1shortcircuit

Tuesday, 22 August 2017


One of our most exciting events to date and proud to be part of this year's Scalarama Film Festival

Thank you to all the filmmakers........ 

MY SISTERS DOLLHOUSE  Jim Archer  2:27 mins
A filmmaker tries to discover himself by making a film... he fails.
A parody, of sorts.

BEAUTY OF MATHEMATICS  Thibault Guichon ,Yann Pineill & Nicolas Lefaucheux
Parachute TV   1:40 mins& 
"Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty — a beauty cold and austere, without the gorgeous trappings of painting or music." —Bertrand Russell

Annabeata Baranska  2:24 min
The film is a critical commentary to 2007 parliamentary elections in Poland. The reality is presented as an overwhelming, embarrassing world which provokes uneasiness, the sense of absurdity, nonsense or even grotesque. At first, the main element of the film – a white and red candle – is burning with a strong and stable flame. However, once the political language (full of lies, aggression, mutual accusations and incomprehensible barking)  appears, the flame becomes unstable and eventually fades away.

PRIMEIRO DE NOVEMBRO   Yuri Pirondi  6.00mins
Primeiro de Novembro (1st of November), All Saints’ Day 1755 was the date of the most deadliest earthquake in the world, followed by a tsunami and a fire, completely destroyed Lisbon.Through a cyclical story-telling, the mythological city of Ophiusa has reborn, where the memories of the ancient earthquake and the omens of the future one are linked through a stream of consciousness, past and future melt together in one dimension: a timeless present.

EVERTHING TURNS  Aaron Zeghers  12.30 mins
A shorthand study of the mythology of numbers, from 1 to 12. Scientific tradition is adopted then eschewed for rumours, legends and defunct theories from across the ages. The camera pens a year-long almanac of space, movement and the passing of time, recorded in-camera onto Super 8 using open exposure photography, light painting, light table animation, paper animation, hand drawn animation and more.

BEDSIDE MANNER  Corinne Botz   18:03 mins
Bedside Manner focuses on real-life standardized patient simulations to explore the performative aspect of doctor-patient encounters and issues concerning empathy. Standardized patients (SPs) are professional medical actors who are trained to present particular sets of symptoms in order to help medical students improve their diagnostic skills and bedside manner. Simulations delineate a space in which viewers and participants are asked to suspend disbelief and rehearse for trauma. In addition to offering viewers a rare glimpse into the practice of training doctors, the uncanny medical simulations also reveal the tenuous boundary between the real and artificial.

BULLSHIT!  James Nee &  Christian Britten   5:50 mins Harry Frankfurt is an American philosopher and author of the New York Times Best Seller "On Bullshit". Although first conceived as an essay over 30 years ago, his theory on bullshit is more relevant than ever before.BULLSHIT! aims to further our understanding of what bullshit is, why there's so much of it, and how it can be a greater enemy to the truth than lies.

MUSTANG JEANS   Marko Schiefelbein   7:13 mins
A women is sitting in front of a camera telling a story about an experience she had. Even though she is able to describe the happenings quite detailed, the story also seems to be unlikely and implausible. It turns out not to be hers rather then a story from a MUSTANG JEANS commercial which she is retelling from the perspective of the main character. The work MUSTANG JEANS draws an abstract image of a human that has internalized the images and stories of the world of advertising.

NEWS FROM THE SUN   Brendan & Jeremy Smythe   3:00 mins
An apocalyptic narrative unfolds through the words of "The Sun," a British tabloid created by media mogul Rupert Murdoch. 4000 single frames were exposed, unedited, and accompanied with the pulsing rhythms of the sun collected by NASA, resembling the Buddhist "Om," the sound of our universe. The Smyth Brothers were commissioned to make this film by Ben Russell for Moogfest 2016 in Durham, NC

DAT LIKWID LAND   James Dwyer  29:00 mins
As a quest to identify a man whose notebook we discovered in a bus station leads us through a city, we move from cemeteries to Cypress swamps. The man’s name is Ignatius and with the words of this self-proclaimed outsider as our agent we too can approach subjects from elsewhere. The film was shot in New Orleans and grew out of an exploration into the relationship between John Kennedy Toole and the main character of his novel, A Confederacy of Dunces; a work that only gained acclaim after the authors suicide.

Programmed by Jayne Wilson
Special thanks to All at Scalarama Brighton, Richard Gravett for Short Circuit, Rob Cunningham & Rachel Hunter at Filmspot, Liam McKeown at Grand Central, & Film Hub SE for their support.  


Monday, 3 July 2017

TRUTH & LIES: Call for Submissions

What is a proper basis for deciding whether words, ideas, stories beliefs can be considered true? How do we respond to truths and lies- which can, in equal measure, motivate and protect.
Short Circuit is looking for an eclectic mix of experimental short docs that take these themes for its next screening in September.

If you have work that fits the theme, send a link to us (with password if required) for consideration at
Include a short description of where it fits with the theme and jpeg still.
Deadline 4th August 2017. We will contact you if your film is selected.


Tuesday, 6 June 2017



THOMAS BLANCHARD (France), Flowers  2:23 min
Time lapse flowers with a retro touch

TESSA GARLAND (UK)   Double Bill   3:10 min
Double Bill is a playful work that focusses on a remote area of the Mojave Desert, California, where age old objects and pieces of art can be found side by side.

A film series made by Star Wars fans about Star Wars fans for Star Wars fans.
The Tattooist        (2:50 mins)
The Droid maker  (2:50 mins)
The Light Saber master    (2:50 mins)
BILLY DOSANJH  (UK) Mutha  Tung   10:14 mins
Mutha Tung (local Chaucerian dialect for ‘Mother Tongue’ takes as stimuli a dozen letters written in the 1960’s by South Asian women in Dosanjh’s hometown of Smethwick to their families in India and Pakistan.


SCOTT  WILLIS  (UK)   Dear Peter  25 mins
After discovering a large collection of handwritten postcards filmmaker Scott Willis begins a journey to track down their owner. The messages on the postcards create a picture of unknown man called Peter. But, with the collection spanning over seventy years, a reunion seems unlikely. Who was Peter? How did his life end?

STUART POUND(UK)   Retro Disk Chunter   1:00 min
Files are copied then deleted from one of the 3.5" floppy discs that have almost disappeared into our past. 


DAMON MOHL (Germany)   Nightclerk   1:35 mins
A song for a Night clerk with retro office equipment from a hellish job.
KATIE GOODWIN  (UK)   Dawn of The Rainbow   3:00 min
Dawn of the Rainbow is made from the film leader from the 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz". The film starts with the drab real world in black and white and converts to colour. This film is an attempt to celebrate and look back at that moment in cinematic history.

MARC MARTI (Spain)   Facsimil   8:00 min
An experimental mix of documentary and fiction about the 'unique work' in cinema. The film has been made with the exact same techniques that you see on screen.

ANDRE PARDO (Spain)   Data   7:48 min
By combining archive, animation and philosophical and scientific essay DATA explores the spaces of collective nostalgia, trying to outline the methods of human memory.

ESTHER JOHNSON (UK)   Analogue Kingdom   24:00 min
A poetic portrait of Gerald wells, founder and Curator of the British Wireless and Television museum. As the digital switchover approaches Wells analogue collection is a reminder of the magic that may soon be lost        

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Thursday, 4 May 2017

RETRO Monday 5th June

RETRO is an evening of eclectic experimental shorts that reflect our interpretations of ‘the dated’ whether music or machines, paper or pixel, crass or cool.
Join us for an evening with retro themed short films and modern beers:

The Nightingale Room, 29-30 Surrey Street, Brighton

Doors open 7pm Screening at 7.30pm
Tickets £4 in advance
The Nightingale Room is above Grand Central, just across the road from Brighton train station The entrance can be found at the back of the pub.

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