Sunday, 20 November 2016

THE EXTENDED MIX. Three Screenings to Celebrate

November brings you an extended mix of films selected from our favourite from Short Circuit.

In three parts,  #ONE at 7pm, #TWO at 8pm and  #THREE at 9pm,  we are showing our best and favourite shorts to celebrate the end of a year of Short Circuit.

This is a great opportunity to check out films you missed, films you want to see again and enjoy a quality night out. 

There will be an opportunity to discuss the films and comment on experimental documentaries and enjoy a long overdue beer at Ed's new bar.
Join us at Presuming Ed's on Wednesday 30th November

Friday, 14 October 2016



GO EUN IM (SOUTH KOREA)   Episode 4- because the outside world has changed...  8:20 mins

‘Because the outside world has changed…’ is a project that tests and tastes the solidarity between a variety of old and new technologies influencing our ways of relating with the world’. The film observes and documents the significance of the architectural, technological and institutional transitions surrounding the former 'Filmmuseum' in Amsterdam. In the course of four episodes, our considerations and shared materials were developed, each time being updated, retold and re-edited in trans-medial and dialogic way.


DUNCAN POULTON (UK)   Tunnel   2:40 mins

Tunnel is a video composed from found footage gathered from all over the internet. The work is an attempt to reorganise elements of visual data, visualising the process of journeying across the internet using footage gathered through that very process.



Having suffered horrific facial injuries, losing his lower jaw, Alphonse's quality of life was improved by the construction of a silver prosthetic jaw painted in flesh tones and adorned with whiskers. In this exploration of identity, disfigurement and reconstruction, Alphonse exists outside of any specific time or place - trapped in eternal convalescence, soothed by the dreams of his Battlefield Muse.

Inspired by the story of Alphonse Luis, a French gunner at the Siege of Antwerp (1832)


Thelma comes from the series The Realm of Forgotten Existence that portrays elderly people who live in a rural area on the Scottish – English border, Berwick-upon-Tweed.
While the images in the film reveal a landscape that often seems unchanged, the narrative reveals fragments of forgotten stories and traditions, skills and working lives no longer of value in today’s society.


WILLIAM RANDALL (USA)   Methane Ghosts   9.20 mins

This experimental documentary for the Anthropocene digs through the layers of an anonymous urban landfill. Drawing on both sensory ethnography and the landscape film, it finds jets of flame in a bucolic natural scene. Its penultimate images of mechanical labour dissolve in an ecological fever dream, with evidence of the human hand in both the constructed ground and the ambivalent future.


JO PEEL (UK)   Things Change   3:06 mins

Things Change is an optimistic look at the idea of human impermanence. The buildings and debris created by the human exploitation of our natural environment decay and give way to the force of nature once again.

A 3 week painting condensed into a 3 minute animation. This is a short story told on a big wall at Village Underground in Shoreditch, London


JAYNE WILSON (UK)   All That Mighty Heart    9:50 mins

The imagined Central Office for Clocktime Expansion invite you to consider mechanical engineering as an antidote to a fast moving life where time is a commodity.


SCOTT WILLIS (UK)   Tapes from The Revolutionary 15:40 mins

Scott Willis discovers Andy, a self-proclaimed communist revolutionary that documents his life on a Hi-8 camcorder. Aiming to understand the purpose behind the tapes Willis picks up his camera, however Andy has his own agenda for the project. Tapes from The Revolutionary is a humorous unconventional documentary that turns the lens on itself and examines the filmmaking process.


Thursday, 8 September 2016


We are  programming for forthcoming screenings
If you have a film that broadly fits within these themes(no longer than 10 minutes) send it to us for consideration at with a link to the film(and password if required) Please include a short description and jpeg still. We will contact you if your film is selected.

CHANGE   Looks at how we see change. Transforming the form, nature or the future course of something from what it already is.
Deadline 30th September

FLIGHT    Retreating or running away? The power of flying- or a high flyer?
Deadline 28th October



Wednesday, 7 September 2016


NEXT OF KIN will be showing some stunning, and at times painfully poignant, short films exploring the affectionate, sometimes tense and always influential experience of 'family'.
A great opportunity to enjoy an evening checking out new and established filmmakers.

JASON M ROBINSON   El Portal   7:48 mins
El Portal is about the Cedar motor Lodge in El Portal, California(population 474) Combining vintage home videos with footage shot last Summer, the film spans 25 years, weaving together the complicated and tragic story of the lodge with the family’s history
MARY BILLYOU   Idyll    5:32 mins  Fewer families were born, lived, and died in the same place. People, especially young ones, were ready for a new life, as far removed from the old one as possible. Living space was much smaller and there were few, if any, servants. Many wives were working outside the home and leisure was not to be spent doing housework, but in being out of doors as much as possible. Emphasis was on informal living and informal entertaining.
IAN NESBITT   Don   6:51 mins
Don is a 69 year old man originally from Nottingham. Having travelled and lived all over the world working as a banjo player and gardener for the last 30 years or so, he eventually found his way home in late 2011. When I met him, he was sleeping rough, didn't know how he'd got back to this country, had almost no short term memory, and no-one would take responsibility for his care. The film is one in a series of idiosyncratic portraits of people living on the peripheries of contemporary consumer society.
JOSH WEISSBACH   38 River Road   7:13 mins
The voice of a figureless character is heard. The figure of a voiceless character is seen. A sequence of estranged voicemails is framed by unidentified events. Fear resides in the gesture of a telling.
KATE JESSOP   Dear Foreigner   5:10 mins
A woman's letter to the son she gave up at birth, 27 years later.
The screen adaptation of a real award winning letter, commissioned by Festival D'Elle Lettere, Milan.

Best city in the World-Looking after Belfast (Raymond’s Loss) 19:26 mins
In early April 2010, the artist placed an advertisement in several Northern Irish newspapers: “Israeli woman visiting Belfast would like to meet people for advice about sharing a country.” One respondent was Raymond McCord, a Protestant, whose son was murdered by members of a Protestant militia during the conflict in Northern Ireland. A year after their initial meetings, McCord took the artist in his car to see the locations where his story is played out. The video was shot by the artist with a handheld camera from the passenger seat.
GRANT PETREY   Family Fortunes   2:30 mins
Family Fortunes explores the tensions present within the family unit that are unveiled via play.
ANDREW HINTON   Amar   9:40 minsAmar is 14 and top of his class. Someday he'd like to be a professional cricketer, but for now he's the family's main breadwinner, working two jobs six and a half days a week on top of attending school in the afternoons. This short observational documentary is a simple journey with Amar through his daily life.

Monday, 4 July 2016


We will be back in September with another screening of fabulous films. In the meantime catch news and updates  @1shortcircuit
If you have a film you would like to be considered send us a link to

Monday, 20 June 2016


All set for the next screening 
Thursday 30th June 6pm

JAYNE WILSON   Spin. Watching the Wind 2:40 mins
The simple idea of observing wind force, from its gentle and playful origins, toying with a seaside windmill, to its inevitable portrayal beyond the familiar force 10, is given potency when given the backdrop of the seaside idyll and its traditional seaside anthem.
THOMAS KYHN ROVSING HJORNET   Disciplin og Fylogenese   1:42  mins
The video is a montage of elements, still images and found footage, which, in the resulting combination, revolve around the theme discipline/form, as related to organisms in general and to the human organism specifically. The soundtrack makes up an erratic supplement to the relative orderliness of the images.
GULI SILBERSTEIN    Machinic Phylum    4:02 mins 
Symbiosis of human and nature forms, by destruction of video coding. A little girl, earth from space and bits of satellites get morphed together, creating vibrant substance in which the girl slowly submerges. “The machinic phylum is materiality, natural or artificial, both simultaneously; it is matter in movement, in flux, in variation” – Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, "A Thousand Plateaus".
HIROYA SAKURAI  The  Stream  5   5:40 mins
In the man-made waterways of rice paddies, the water in nature must follow artificial rules.In that way, nature is made abstract, giving rise to a new form of beauty distinct from the natural state. This shooting location was Ogura-ike Pond Reclaimed Land in Uji City,Kyoto Prefecture.
MEREDITH LACKEY   Iron Condor   10:10 mins
Iron Condor presents the sensible evidence of the Chicago Futures and Options
Exchange from grain to data. The film takes its name from an option trading strategy whose profit/loss graph resembles a large bird.
CLIVE ENNS   Connecting with Nature   1:28 mins
An instructional video that lies somewhere between the realms of infomercial and guide to spiritual enlightenment.
LYNN DENNISON Runners     8:32 mins
In my short films I investigate how we experience landscape in our daily lives; for example, seen through the window whilst travelling by train, or running through it as an exercise in keeping fit. 'Runners' is one in a series of videos which document how people engage with the landscape in city parks, places which have been designated as areas where people can enjoy ‘nature’.
MIRJAM BROMUNDT    Hold Your Breath   1:23  mins
‘Hold Your Breath’ is a montage of single pictures, unfolding a frenetic journey that from its singularity ends up as a universal image. The topic of traveling is the starting point for a sensuous undertow that shakes our boundaries of perception.
SWINE STUDIO    Hair Highway   4:28 mins
What if you could use human hair as an alternative to diminishing natural materials? Studio Swine travel along the Hair Highway to explore the hair trade and its potential as a future resource.
ANGELIKA HERTA The Best Way   10: 26  mins
Why blind people go on a journey? How do they dream? Can they enjoy cinema? Steffi, the Voice Over of Apple, reads us one day of a blind person who rails not only against such questions. This day assembles collected stories of blind persons who answered my question: What annoys you about the world of seeing people?


Monday, 9 May 2016


Short Circuit gets personal on May 26th with seven stunning short films that take a glimpse into lives around the world.
Screening starts at 7pm
Show ends approximately 8pm
The micro-cinema is in the bank vault situated at the back of the venue. 


ANASTASIA KIRILLOVA  Sleepers Beat  16:30 mins
Winner of the Sheffield Doc/Fest award for Best Documentary at the London Short Film Festival 2015
In this cinematic ode to the Trans-Siberian railway, the train staff seem unable to live without the hypnotic beats and rattle of the train.



JULIE HILL A Short film About Massage  3:04 mins
Shooting People Film Of The Month and was screened at Docheads.In this film we hear the thoughts and feelings of a woman who works in the City of London, over footage of her being massaged - and then hear the thoughts and feelings of her Tibetan Buddhist masseur. Though they are in such close physical proximity they are worlds apart.
NON FILMS XO  3:30 mins
Fearing her own memories, a girl begins the cerebral journey of longing for escape before completely fading away.

PIOTR PIASTA  Piorun Stanisloaw from Brudnow   4:00 mins
'Piorun Stanislaw from Brudnow' comes from the series 'Last Object' which is a collection of portraits of old people who live in a rural area in central Poland. We do not see them in the film but we can hear their voices, see objects they used in their past and objects they use now.
In this particular film we meet Mr Stanislaw Piorun at his house. He tells a story about a curse which can be spelled just by a sheer admiration. Mr Piorun gives a solution on how to get rid of a curse.
BRENDA MILLER  Landscape with two Women 4:58 mins
A film exploring scenarios linking women, textiles, knowledge, skills and history.
JASON M ROBINSON  El Portal  7:48  mins
El Portal is about the Cedar Motor Lodge in El Portal, California (population: 474). Combining vintage analogue home videos with footage shot this Summer, the film spans twenty five years, weaving together the complicated and tragic story of the lodge with the film maker’s family history.
ANDY ROWE  Goat Foot Egg Grenade  7:26 mins
The film is part of an artistic comedy documentary film project about friendship and is experienced as a piece that celebrates the differences that exist between people. The piece demonstrates that friendship can still flourish even when personal backgrounds and belief systems are completely opposite.


Tuesday, 12 April 2016


April's screening includes films from the UK, USA, Portugal, Spain and Germany
Don't miss it 

SELLOTAPE CINEMA   Film Bites  12:53 mins
Part experimental documentary and part film essay, FilmBites ruminates on how the medium converses with philosophy.

TIM NEATH   Iron Horse of the Studio 11:55 mins
Miniature towns, devoid of life, ever changing in form as the models disintegrate, new ones taking their place acting as film sets to be photographed and filmed.

NAREN WILKS   One Man, Eight Cameras  2:20 mins
A man in a circular room explores a curious phenomenon, in which 8 synchronised versions of himself temporarily form to create a rotationally symmetric, kaleidoscopic world.

SUSAN MACWILLIAM  After Image  4:33 mins
Delving into the bizarre and the extraordinary, ‘After Image’ explores the myth that the last image seen before death is retained on the retina of the eye. The belief was validated by advancements in photography and scientific experiments carried out in Germany during the 1870s.

KATIE LENTON Our Hamartia 2:44 mins
Needless Creation  to Superfluous Want  to Redundant Waste. This is Our Hamartia.

JOSE SIMOES   96000 cameras   13:46 mins
The most common story going around about this man is the one about the camera in the box. It is said that you can disassemble a Leica camera, put all the parts in a box, shake it, and he will reassemble it for you with his eyes closed.

LOUIS FRIED  Postcard to Godzilla  5:32 mins
Dear G., the city is nice, the weather so-so. As soon as it gets a little milder,
the cranes in the harbour start singing their same old song. U would like it.
ENRIQUE PINUEL  Modulations on the Terrace  5:09 mins
Film made with two photographs taken at the Unité d'Habitation, Le Corbusier in Marseille. For the editing the film are used a film adaptation of the rules of the Modular

PETER FREUND   Camp   7:15 mins
Archival projects are best where they decisively fail to re contextualize.