Monday, 9 May 2016


Short Circuit gets personal on May 26th with seven stunning short films that take a glimpse into lives around the world.
Screening starts at 7pm
Show ends approximately 8pm
The micro-cinema is in the bank vault situated at the back of the venue. 


ANASTASIA KIRILLOVA  Sleepers Beat  16:30 mins
Winner of the Sheffield Doc/Fest award for Best Documentary at the London Short Film Festival 2015
In this cinematic ode to the Trans-Siberian railway, the train staff seem unable to live without the hypnotic beats and rattle of the train.



JULIE HILL A Short film About Massage  3:04 mins
Shooting People Film Of The Month and was screened at Docheads.In this film we hear the thoughts and feelings of a woman who works in the City of London, over footage of her being massaged - and then hear the thoughts and feelings of her Tibetan Buddhist masseur. Though they are in such close physical proximity they are worlds apart.
NON FILMS XO  3:30 mins
Fearing her own memories, a girl begins the cerebral journey of longing for escape before completely fading away.

PIOTR PIASTA  Piorun Stanisloaw from Brudnow   4:00 mins
'Piorun Stanislaw from Brudnow' comes from the series 'Last Object' which is a collection of portraits of old people who live in a rural area in central Poland. We do not see them in the film but we can hear their voices, see objects they used in their past and objects they use now.
In this particular film we meet Mr Stanislaw Piorun at his house. He tells a story about a curse which can be spelled just by a sheer admiration. Mr Piorun gives a solution on how to get rid of a curse.
BRENDA MILLER  Landscape with two Women 4:58 mins
A film exploring scenarios linking women, textiles, knowledge, skills and history.
JASON M ROBINSON  El Portal  7:48  mins
El Portal is about the Cedar Motor Lodge in El Portal, California (population: 474). Combining vintage analogue home videos with footage shot this Summer, the film spans twenty five years, weaving together the complicated and tragic story of the lodge with the film maker’s family history.
ANDY ROWE  Goat Foot Egg Grenade  7:26 mins
The film is part of an artistic comedy documentary film project about friendship and is experienced as a piece that celebrates the differences that exist between people. The piece demonstrates that friendship can still flourish even when personal backgrounds and belief systems are completely opposite.